Our Project Terms

We are Studio73 and our website address is: www.designbystudio73.co.uk

Here at Studio73 we don’t like too much jargon but we do need to set out a few terms to protect not only us, but also you, as our client.

Our Terms


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before we begin a project if the total exceeds £400. Full payment is required upfront for projects totalling less than £400. Once this has been paid the client is in a contract with Studio73 and the project will be scheduled in. We do not issue refunds for fees paid in advance. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. All setup fees are non refundable as it is applied to costs immediately incurred in initiating services. If a project is cancelled or postponed by the client, all monies paid are retained by Studio73 and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.

The remaining balance will be invoiced upon completion of the job.

Additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon before the final invoice is sent.

Additional charges will be applied if any stock images, illustrations or fonts are purchased via a third party (we do not purchase any images until we have client approval and payment).

Artwork files will not be supplied, or website launched, until the full balance has been paid.

Additional charges (for websites) will be applied if the client needs additional work that is outside of the original quote or package specifications.

The client is liable for the final balance immediately. Invoices not settled upon completion and delivery of design work will be subject to a late fee.


Projects that are cancelled client side will result in a loss of the deposit paid. The deposit payment is the contract between you, the client and us, Studio73 and once scheduled in, or any work has started, that deposit is a binding agreement between both parties.


Due to the custom nature of our work, Studio73 does not issue refunds.

Retainer Package Payments

We offer various levels of retainer packages which are payable by monthly standing order. Cancellation of these services must be agreed with Studio73 and one month’s notice given for any reduction in hours or cancellation of the package. Any hours already used up will need to be paid for, by the client, via one of the following methods: 1. By keeping the retainer payment in place until the balance has been cleared or 2. By making a full and final invoice payment to settle any outstanding account amount.

Any unused hours can be rolled over to the following months allowance, within reason.

Project Timeline

We do not guarantee a completion date for any project. Most projects can be completed in 4-8 weeks. This obviously depends on the size of the project and the speed of the client’s feedback and supply of relevant information and content.

We work on several client projects at once and we do try and keep clients in order of first come – first served. Once your project has been scheduled in any time allocated to that project will not be filled by other clients.



We use email as our main means of communication. We like to use the email correspondence as reference when we work on a project. This helps us to keep things in order and to keep track of project details. We are very responsive to both emails and online messages.

We communicate with you regularly during the design process. We will need specific feedback, information and your approval to continue with the work. Responding to our questions in a timely manner will allow your design project to progress as quickly as possible.

Failure to communicate with us about the design process for a period of more than 7 days (whether expectedly or unexpectedly), will result in your project being placed on hold and moved to the end of our current queue.

Should you fail to provide necessary files and information or fail to communicate with us after 14 days of the date requested, all payments already made will be forfeited to Studio73 and the project will be cancelled without notice.

Website Protection and Security

While Studio73 attempts to bring you the highest quality service possible, we are unable to guarantee the integrity of any data stored or transmitted via the internet or through our systems. Studio73 is not liable for any claims of damage or loss caused by the loss of data, password compromises, or the hacking of your website. You, the client, are solely responsible for keeping your site up to date and backed up. We do offer maintenance packages where we do all we can to keep your website as secure and protected as possible, but even then we cannot make any guarantees. WordPress is often vulnerable to hackers and that is something that is entirely out of our control.

Website Hosting

Studio73 provide hosting services for all websites, however, we do not constantly check and test all the websites we host to ensure they are functioning correctly as routine practice. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to ensure their website is operating as it should unless a maintenance package is in place with us. Any updates carried out by Studio73, in accordance with the relevant retainer package, will be checked, tested and fixed, if required, with no additional fees. Any maintenance or software updates implemented by the client, that may affect website functions, will therefore need checking and if a fix is required by Studio73 there would be an additional charge made for this service.

Website Hosting Invoicing

Website hosting runs annually, and is due one month in advance of the renewal. An invoice will be sent automatically at the time of renewal. Should a client not wish Studio73 to renew the hosting services, we request a notice period of one month in advance of cessation. If we do not hear such a request, it will be assumed that you do wish the web hosting to be renewed and agree with the terms for the following year.

Should Studio73 be informed after this months notice period, Studio73 cannot be held liable for any delays caused in the transfer of your website to another server. Any fees incurred will be invoiced to you, the client.

Our Contact Information
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us hello@designbystudio73.co.uk