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Logo Design – Behind The Scenes

by | Mar 3, 2021

So where do we start? Well the first step to creating a new identity for a business is to brainstorm logo ideas. What does the logo need to convey?, what tone of voice does it need to have?, what colour scheme and fonts will best represent the style of the business? There are so many factors to consider – but that’s half the fun!

There is nothing more exciting, if not a little intimidating, than receiving a new brief and getting started on a new project. Before we start we always ask if the client has any specific ideas or colours in mind that they would or definitely wouldn’t like us to include in our design concepts. The alternative is for us to have carte blanche and create completely unique ideas from our own research and brainstorming exercise. The first step is to research similar companies and competitors in order to compile a mood board of styles to include (and an idea in our heads of factors to possibly avoid). We ask ourselves who has done it well and who just clearly haven’t!

Next it is time to start sketching out some ideas. Once pen has been put to paper (or in our case these days mouse to PC) and the ideas start to flow though there’s no stopping us – we sometimes end up getting carried away and creating far too many options and choices for the client. This is where we have to rein things in and narrow down the concepts to reveal only the strongest designs.

Once we have chosen the basis of the final concepts to unveil to the client we then need to find the perfect colourways that not only represent the business but work extremely well together. Complimentary colour schemes create a high amount of contrast but it may be that we just want a very simple mono logo with a bright accent colour scheme. We look at the logo ideas in various colourways and then make a final decision on what we feel is bold enough to make an instant impact and is obviously the most aesthetically pleasing. We usually create more than one colour option per logo design.

Once the concepts are ready to show the client we create logo concept sheets. Now comes the client’s part in the process. We then sit and wait, keeping our fingers and toes crossed, and just hope that the client likes at least one of our designs! Even if there are a few tweaks or a simple colour change or two. After all the client needs to be 100% happy with the new logo that will be representing their business.

Once the final design has been chosen we develop the logo through to the final stages. Once signed off by the client we then create and supply various artwork files, including vector based files, so that if required the logo can be used on something as small as a business card or just as equally enlarged big enough, with no loss of quality, to display on the side of a bus!

Other file formats are also supplied so that the logo can be used across various media whether it be online or offline. Once the logo has been finalised it is time to implement this along with the new company brand across any print work, website or social media.

It is a real shame that there are some logo designs that just don’t make the cut! We sometimes still show these off as concepts that simply did not progress any further as it seems incredibly sad that they don’t ever get seen and are sent straight to the computer bin.