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The Story Behind The Name

by | Jun 12, 2022

Here at Studio73 we are intrigued by company names, and why they are chosen, as this sometimes depicts and inspires the logos and brands we create for them. We wonder is there a real story and history behind them, does it simply describe the nature of the business or does it make no sense at all but is just a catchy name that sticks in your mind? Some company names use numbers, like ours, and people may wonder what those numbers represent.

When Cadbury launched its small Flake for ice creams in 1930, the UK ice cream industry was dominated by ex-pat Italians. So, to appeal to Italians they called the superb Flake a “99”. In the days of the monarchy in Italy the King has a specially chosen guard consisting of 99 men. Subsequently anything really special or first class was known as “99”.

During the launch of the mobile phone brand “Three” in 2002, when Hutchison Whampoa sold its 2G business Orange, the brand name Three represented their new 3G services.

We are not quite as big as these guys, just yet lol, but we also have a story behind our name, and our brand, albeit a very simple one.

Our company name refers to where the business/design agency first started. The 73 relates to the address of the business where it was launched (and not my year of birth as some people may think). This would just be adding years on and I’m not ready for that just yet! The Studio part obviously depicts that it is a design studio. The only trouble with choosing a business name, that is inspired by the address, is that this can change.

As you know, four years ago, Studio73 moved 445 miles from beautiful bonnie Scotland to the scenic county of Suffolk although previous freelance work started whilst based in Cornwall under a different name. The problem is that if we were to change the name every time we moved around that would not be any good for business.

So you may now be thinking ’why keep the reference to 73?’ and we would answer by simply saying that this represents where the business was established and that’s a wonderful factor to keep incorporated in the name.

People get to know and trust a company name and changing this is a very dangerous game. It is not the same as just changing a logo or refreshing a company brand. When this process happens the company name remains in place so that it is still instantly recognisable and the new brand becomes familiar. 

The branding of Studio73 includes a white heart which signifies the pure ‘love’ of design that we have. We also use a green heart across our social media and this represents ‘support’ which is what we provide in abundance to all our clients throughout a design project and continuing after care. 

The branding used across our website signifies magnificent and striking wildlife from all the areas of the country that we have studied in and designed from over the last 23 years. These visuals are used to communicate to potential clients that we can create something unique and beautiful to showcase their business wherever they are based. Location is never a factor when it comes to design – we were working remotely even before Covid!

And that’s it…the complete story behind our name!