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Why We Design Websites With WordPress

by | Apr 25, 2023

Firstly What Is WordPress?
WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that provides a user interface to create and manage websites. Many years ago websites had to be designed and built by a team of Graphic Designers and Website Developers. Building with software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, and then having to develop specific areas of functionality with PHP, required the designer to have a certain amount of HTML and CSS coding knowledge before passing the project on to the developer. This was very time consuming, expensive and made it very hard for clients to edit the website themselves once built.

WordPress is much more user friendly, great for SEO and now the most popular website building platform running over 60% of all CMS websites. Some CSS is still used by professionals, like us, to create the design and functionality we want for our clients but ensuring the basic management side is a little easier for the non-tech savvy.

Is WordPress Killing Web Design?
No, WordPress is not killing web design at all. Although WordPress does make it easier for people with little, or no, technical expertise to create and manage websites, it still requires a certain level of skill and creativity to create a unique and professional-looking website, that performs well. This software just makes things easier when building, expanding and editing for all parties. It makes investing in a website much more economical.

Does WordPress Support E-Commerce Websites/Online Shops?
Yes, WordPress is a great platform for not only selling websites but for the creation of any type of website. Whether you need a simple information platform or a full online booking system, there is a vast range of free and paid for plugins and software that are available, and compatible, that will enable the inclusion of the functionality you require. Online shops can be managed completely in the WordPress dashboard. The addition of products and offers, the viewing and processing of orders and the ability to view sales records are just a few features offered by WordPress when linked with the WooCommerce software.

Is WordPress Secure?
WordPress takes security very seriously and includes a host of features to keep your business and data safe. With available additional security plugins, WordPress can be made even more secure. Some of those security features include:

  • Creation of secure passwords
  • Ability to create backups of your website automatically
  • “Two-factor authentication” can be enabled to add an extra layer of security to your website
  • Regular updating of the software and plugins to address security vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered
  • File permission and ownership management controls
  • SSL/TLS encryption installation
  • Limited login attempts
  • Various security plugin options that handle malware scanning, firewalls, audit logs, and intrusion detection

Of course, no website is completely immune to hacking attempts, but the security features offered by WordPress, along with implementing all the best security practices and keeping things up to date on a regular basis, means the risk of hacking can be greatly reduced.

If I Have A WordPress Website Do I Still Need Hosting?
Yes, hosting is where the website lives. Think of it like paying rent to live in your home. It needs somewhere to sit, be seen and be accessed by the general public. It also needs a registered domain to be linked to, this is like your home address.

We also recommend an SSL certificate to be purchased to ensure the highest security, reassure your users and customers and improve your website’s search engine rankings. A bit like installing a burglar alarm or CCTV in your home.

So that’s why we now use WordPress to create websites. There may well be more reasons, and more questions to be answered, but we think that’s enough for now!