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Website Retainers: A Better & More Economical Solution

by | Apr 19, 2023

Launching a website is simply the beginning, you can’t just sit back and expect it to do all the work itself. You should not expect your website to just pop in to the number one spot on Google without putting in a little effort. Leaving your website to gather dust is simply not healthy for it’s performance or your users and customers.

Regular updates help to keep it not only looking fresh but also helps with search engine positioning. That’s why putting a retainer package in place is the best solution. Doing this will ensure your website is continually performing at its very best and as secure as it can be. It also takes the pressure off you to stay on top of updates when you are busy trying to run your business.

Having a website redesign every couple of years is not always viable, particularly for small businesses, but as the digital world moves so quickly you need to stay on top of the constant updates, to keep the website safe and performing well, but also continue expanding and growing your online presence. Without ongoing maintenance your website grows old, very quickly.

What is a website retainer?
A website retainer is an ongoing monthly agreement between us and you, the client. We offer different retainer package levels from a basic package that includes general maintenance, software updates, fixes and back ups to a more intermediate package that includes actual website content updates and edits. An agreement of monthly hours is put in place along with a regular standing order payment to commit to our regular ongoing service.

We basically cover everything you need to keep your website running smoothly. You may not simply have the time, or be confident enough, to maintain the website yourself. We know our way around a website or two so we can ensure all website content updates, changes and edits are completed and look perfect when live.

When is a website retainer the right choice for your business?
There are a number of reasons to choose a website retainer package:

A steady stream of work: If you know there will be constant updates, products or news that you want to include on your website then a retainer is a more efficient approach.

Evolving your business: We don’t believe in launching and leaving. Retainers can be used to continue developing and expanding your website to ensure maximum performance, up to date functionality and client engagement.

Improving the user experience: Retainers allow you to implement regular updates to keep your website fresh for returning customers and users. Frequent smaller monthly updates are more useful than a big overhaul every 12 months.

To maintain website security: A retainer ensures that we keep your site as secure as possible and up to date with all software and platform updates.

What do we offer in our website retainers?
Our monthly retainer packages start from one hour to as many hours as you like. The first hour is set aside for general maintenance behind the scenes like software updates, fixes and back ups. Any additional hours can be allocated for actual website content updates and changes.

We handle all the retainer work on your behalf and let you know once complete. All we ask is that you email us any updates with a little notice, although last minute updates can sometimes be scheduled in depending on our current workload.