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Everyone Thinks They’re A Designer!

by | Mar 7, 2021

“So you need brain surgery? I can help with that, I mean I’m not qualified or anything but how hard can it be? Plus I’m really cheap!” We know that this may seem like an extreme example but you usually get what you pay for in this world and if it’s too good a price to be true then it usually is and you may well live to regret your choices at a later date.

A similar scenario is when you receive an email to inform you that you have inherited a fortune and all you need to do is supply your name, address, date of birth and bank account details and the money will be deposited immediately. Would you really believe this to be true and willingly supply those personal details? We think not! You don’t know who you are dealing with online, anyone can be anyone on the internet, so finding someone that is professional and trustworthy is of the utmost importance.

What we want to achieve in this blog is to provide you with a simple explanation of the value a professional Graphic Designer can bring to your business. We have noticed during the COVID 19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdown periods, that more people are thinking of alternative business ideas that can be done online with no physical contact. The Graphic Design industry seems to be the one that has been targeted the most. It seems, these days, that everyone thinks they’re a designer and because anyone can easily advertise online, particularly on social media platforms, and work remotely with their clients this seems to be the easiest avenue to take. Apart from, of course, one major factor, they are not qualified designers, they have a free app that they use to generate generic designs/concepts/layouts/templates which they then simply drop your business name and content in to.

Factors to consider, when searching for a designer online, are that although there are many talented people working in this industry across the UK, and indeed throughout the whole world, not everyone is as genuine as you might first think, or indeed qualified! We don’t want to criticise or sound extremely self righteous but we often hear the words “I’ve got Adobe Photoshop on my laptop so I can knock you up a quick logo” and this should instantly sound alarm bells ringing.

Firstly, and foremost, Adobe Photoshop is not the correct software for creating logo artwork. You need software like Adobe Illustrator so that you can design a logo in a vector format to enable you to use it very small, on a business card, or scale it up very large, to use on the side of a bus, without losing any of it’s original quality or clarity. You cannot simply scale a jpeg/gif/png file up to that kind of size without sacrificing the quality and sharpness and please, please, please do not believe anyone that tells you differently because they are doing the job for a tenner.

Many people do not understand the role of a Graphic Designer and what they actually do. So why use a Graphic Designer? Well most importantly they are a visual problem solver, that have trained professionally, initially in educational institutes and then commercially, for many years to gain their wide experience in design, colour, typography, concept visualisation and target markets. Understanding a client’s business and the image they wish to portray is a huge part of the logo design process. They also have a vast knowledge of print design and how to correctly set up artwork files for this, many also have experience with website creation too. Hiring a Graphic Designer ensures a professional approach that considers brand consistency and provides a complete design package.

Is it worth going down the cheaper route if you end up investing more correcting/re working or adapting the original work? The answer is no! Hiring a professional and qualified designer is not always as expensive as you might think, just enquire and see what they can offer, and remember the time, thought and research/design process they provide to create a professional logo and set of artwork files that you can have full faith in. There will be no nasty surprises later down the line where your logo, for example, is not supplied in a suitable format and needs to be recreated. Our advice, obviously, would be to hire a professional from the start, I mean who wants to end up losing their head because they made the wrong choice to save a few quid using someone from an online business named Doctors ‘R’ Us!